About Us

In 2009 Tim Leahy and Brandon DeCaro decided to get back into the game they loved growing up. So, they registered for the DCMSBL and joined a team. The passion was reignited, yet something was still missing. Their competitive side wasn't being fulfilled as the team struggled mightily. That's when the idea of starting the Washington Grays was formed. With just two players on the roster the boys began recruiting heavily. A short six months later they entered their first season with fourteen men on the roster. Now, nine years later, the Grays are entering the 2018 season with  realistic expectations of winning it all. The team has bonded beyond anyone's expectations and to wear the uniform has truly become a badge of honor.

In honor of the Homestead Grays

We honor the Homestead Grays, a Negro League Team which played at Griffith Field in Washington, D.C. The Grays played for 38 seasons, won three Negro League World Series Championships and nine National League titles. Led by Josh Gibson, who many called "The Black Babe Ruth," #20 will go down as one of the greatest players of all time.